Some areas of your house get more traffic and rubbing by feet than others. This can cause the carpet which is used in this area (if any) to get deteriorated and ruined.

In order to avoid this, we use a special kind of rugs and carpet called a “high traffic rug” (or carpet)

So, what is a high traffic rug? How to choose it? And how it is beneficial to you? Let’s find out…

What are high traffic rugs?

High traffic area rugs are basically rugs which are used in areas which have a lot of traffic like door entries, runners, and stairs.

The main difference between these high traffic rugs and the normal rugs is that they are made of durable and hard-wearing materials so that they can last long enough and withstand the pressure and rough conditions they are exposed to.

What to look for in a high traffic rug?

High traffic rugs material

Most of the time, wool-made rugs will be perfect. Wool is well known for its durability and softness as well as its wide range of colors and styles which will make it easier to choose a rug that fits.

Wool fibers include a natural crimp that offers texture retention. A wool rug feels soft and comfortable to the touch. This low-maintenance floor covering resists stains and soil.

Although the initial cost is higher than synthetic rugs, wool rugs feature longevity for decades. (James, n.d.)

Also, wool fibers are naturally curly and do not flatten easily so the rug will preserve its shape.

Other possible materials are Polypropylene and nylon fibers.

wool carpets
Isabelle Taylor at Pexels

igh traffic rugs colors and styles

Think about it, you don’t want these rugs to be polluted easily or at least not show the dirt or stains easily. Because they are more exposed to pollution than the other rugs in your home. So, You will don’t want it to be white or dark, because those will show dirt and stains readily.

Ideally, you’ll want to use an abstract patterned style which can hide the dirt, spills and pets’ hair also.

The style of these rugs depends on the area where they are to be used. For example, a high traffic rug which will be used as a doormat has to be a small rectangle which fits the door entry and allow people to wipe their shoes on it.

Another example is a high traffic runner, a stair rug or a hall rug. It just must fit in the place.

You don’t want it to have additional margins, because those will be deteriorated easily.

carpet pattern
darf_nicht_mehr_hochladen / Pixabay

High traffic areas


A kitchen is considered as a high traffic area because usually, people stay there for a long time; either preparing the food or having a meal or maybe just having a cup of coffee there.

If you are the type of people who don’t spend that much time in the kitchen or just don’t have a big family to hang out there, then you don’t have to use a high traffic rug there. (or maybe any type of rugs at all)



Kitchen Carpet

Pets areas

If you have pets in your house, you might consider high traffic rugs which hide the hair and other dirt produced by them.


Runners are known of getting the most traffic at every home. Hence, the runner to be used must be made of durable cleanable material, such as nylon fibers.

runner carpet
Lina Kivaka at Pexels

Living room

We can say that the living room gets more traffic and is exposed to a number of different damage factors compared to other rooms like the bedroom or the kids’ room.

Benefits of using high traffic rugs

High traffic rugs can withstand the abnormal pressure and movement of people on it.

It can also protect your flooring from discoloring or wearing. Plus, it can protect your kids from slipping or bruises resulting from falling as well as contributing to your interior design and décor.

Here are some good rugs which can be used in high traffic areas from our shop!