Rugs are the most important item that provides a complete look to your home at a very less price. Below are few of the types of oriental rugs that you should be aware of.

Chobi Ziegler

These rugs are highly known for their soft colors and classic designs. The word ‘Chobi’ is a Persian word which means ‘Wood’ (this describes the natural rustic colors of the rugs) and ‘Ziegler’ is the name of the company which started manufacturing of rugs in 1880’s. These rugs are considered to be of high quality and at the same time moderately priced.oriental rugs- Chobi Ziegler

Persian Rugs

These are one of the oldest and traditional types of rugs ever used. These rugs usually feature classic shapes or architectures of – flowers, fruits, husks, jugs, combs, etc. These typically come in colors – blue, red, brown, beige, and golden.Persian Rugs

Ikat Rugs

The name Ikat is derived from the unique pattern of designs that these rugs carry. The Ikat design is basically a tribal looking art with abstract and tie-dye features. Unlike other oriental rugs, Ikat rugs have more color variations because of the unique dying and over dying process.Ikat Rugs

Bokhara Rugs

The name derived from Bukhara, a location which is situated in Uzbekistan, a rug production town with the unique signature style of its own. This usually comes in color variations of red, navy blue, and brown. The price range of these rugs depends on its knot counts.Bokhara Rugs

Flat Weave Kilims

These are basically of flat weave characters with bold colors and unique linear designs. The designs of these Kilims rugs are usually geometrical like – square, rectangle, straight line, round rugs and so on.Flat Weave Kilims

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Rugs are highly used as floor mats, kitchen rugs, kid’s rugs, outdoor rugs and many more. Browse our shop to find the best variations of rugs that would add more life to your interior.